Name: Bernhardt (aka Bernhard) Fredrick Schwitters

Born: 6am September 21 1803 (also listed as Sept 24 1804) in Berdum, Ostfriesland, Prussia

Died: April 28 1866 (although his wife died in 1865, and was called a widow?).  Buried in Posen, Germany?

Spouse: Hiemke Catharina Meenken; although one source lists Antje 

Notes: His Aunt Tjamde (his father's sister) was present as his birth.  As was Uncle Remmer Janssen (his mother's brother).

At least some of Bernhardt's children left to farm in Illinois after he and his wife had died.  They left in the late 1860's and early 1870's, around the time that Germany was taking over Ostfriesland.  Listed occupation as a carpenter ("zimmermann") in Berdum.