Name: Enno Friedrich Schwitters (aka Swithers)

Born: May 30, 1839 in Alt Mitteldeich, Berdum, Ostfriesland (aka Prussia)

Died: July 19 1913 in Lake View, Iowa.  Buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery in Sac City, Iowa (grave 3, lot 13, block 10). 

Spouse: Married Greetke Maria Onnen on April 28 1866 in Berdum.

Notes: Came to the U.S. on April 3, 1869 on the same boat an his sister Angelina (note that Enno is listed as "Emma" on the manifest).  They departed from Bremen, Germany and arrived in New York.

In 1880 his whole family was in Palmyra, Illinois.  In 1910 he was the only member of his household.  He listed his occupation as farmer, but earlier it had been noted as carpenter.