Name: Heiio Schwitters

Born: 1840, in "Germany"

Died: October 1900

Spouse: Married Dorete Wehling in 1877

Notes: I am not sure that Heiio is related (hence no lines in the tree) but he could easily be a cousin of the immigrants Enno, Wessel and Engalina--perhaps even a sibling, although that's less likely.  Bernhard & Hiemke's children were born in 1837, May 1839, Sept 1841, 1844, and 1847; Heiio was born in 1840.  Bernhard & Hiemke died in 1865 and 1866, and Enno and Engalina immigrated in 1869; Heiio immigrated in 1867.  Enno and Wessel moved to small towns in Illinois (Palmyra and Hopkins); Heiio moved to Palestine Illinois.

Heiio listed both of his parents as "German".  In 1867, Heiio immigrated to Palestine Illinois.

When Heiio died (with six kids, and another on the way), he left Dorothy plus 2 kids as trustees; they later relinquished control to a 3rd party. The other kids sued, but lost the case largely because Heiio had not named his children.  The will said that Dorete was to shelter and educate the children until age 21, and then give them $600 each.